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The articles you read in the Availability Digest result from years of experience in researching and writing a variety of technical documents and marketing content. It’s what we do best, and we provide our services to others who value high-quality content created by IT specialists. Ask us about

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About Us

The Availability Digest is published by Sombers Associates, Inc. We have been active in mission-critical, high-availability solutions for over forty years.


The Managing Editor of the Availability Digest is Dr. Bill Highleyman. He brings decades of experience to the design and implementation of mission-critical computer systems.  As Chairman of Sombers Associates, he has been responsible for implementing dozens of real-time, mission-critical systems such as Amtrak, Dow Jones, Time, McGraw Hill, Tandem, Federal Express, Chemical Bank, SIAC, Smith Kline, G. E. Credit, Southeast Bank, A. C. Nielson, and Harris Satellite.  Currently, Dr. Highleyman is active in the following areas:    

•  authoring and publishing technical articles, white papers, specifications, and patent applications (self-bylined and ghostwritten for others),

•  developing and teaching seminars on a variety of topics to both online and in-house audiences,

•  achieving extreme availabilities with active/active systems,

•  and analyzing the performance of real-time systems.

Dr. Highleyman received his undergraduate degree (BSEE) in Electrical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, his MSEE from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his DEE from New York Polytechnic Institute. 


Dr. Highleyman has published extensively on availability, performance, testing, middleware, and other technical topics. He is the author of "Performance Analysis of Transaction Processing Systems," published by Prentice-Hall, and is co-author of the three-volume series, "Breaking the Availability Barrier." The books are available at amazon.com and at Barnes & Noble. 


He is the holder of over a dozen U.S. patents, either on his own or as co-inventor.  They include:


#2,978,675 - Character Recognition System

#3,047,747 - Function Generators           

#3,397,404 - Constant Charge Driving Circuit

#3,596,254 - Data Processing with Controlled Input        

#7,113,938 – Method of Increasing System Availability by Splitting a System

#7,177,866 - Asynchronous Coordinated Commit Replication and Dual Write with Replication Transmission and Locking of Target Database on Updates

#7,194,488 - Split Processing System for Providing Increased System Availability


Dr. Highleyman can be contacted at editor@availabilitydigest.com.


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