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Multifaceted messaging middleware. Enables integration of diverse applications across the enterprise.

Simple API. Supports multiple messaging models. Fast, light, trouble-free, low-latency environment.

Solutions include Secure RFT, Web Enablement, Secure Communications, Interactive & Queued Messaging.

HP NonStop & OpenVMS, IBM z/OS CICS & iSeries, Stratus, Linux, Windows, HP-UX, IBM/AIX, Oracle/Solaris.



Welcome to the Availability Digest


The digest of current topics on High Availability and Continuous Availability.

High Availability recovers from the effects of downtime. Continuous Availability avoids the effects of downtime.

The Digest includes case studies, horror stories, best practices, availability issues, product reviews, recommended reading, and some mathematical nerd stuff.


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Can I really achieve 100% uptime? You can come arbitrarily close with active/active systems.
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